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Stacks – Craig Fuller

Stacks Head Office
Old Severn Bridge House
Purton, Blakeney
GL15 4AX


Craig Fuller is Stacks’ buying agent covering Bath, Cheltenham, South Cotswolds, South Oxfordshire & Wiltshire. Stacks is the oldest established property finding and buying service in the U.K and is fully independent. 

The key to your property buying success.

Having the most experienced buying agency representing your property interests can make the difference when searching for your perfect property in a highly competitive market. 

Why use a buying agent?

• Save you time, money and stress.

• Represent your best interests when investing in a property purchase.

• Elevate your status as a property buyer.

Craig does all the due diligence on the property. He works closely with his clients and all other professionals involved, ensuring his clients have access to properties before they reach the open market, receive the best advice, avoid costly mistakes and that the entire process runs smoothly to completion.

For more property buying info, advice and availability in the above-mentioned regions, get in touch with Craig on +44 (0)7767 211707 or email


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