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My Experience of the Content Creator Apprenticeship at Visit The Cotswolds and Cirencester College


In recent times, the role of a Content Creator has become pivotal in shaping a brand’s identity and engaging audiences. As someone learning his trade in this field, I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the Content Creator Apprenticeship Standard programme at Visit The Cotswolds. In this blog, I’ll share insights into the program, provide an overview of my role, and reflect on the progress, successes, and hurdles along the way.


The Content Creator Apprenticeship Standard programme is designed to enable individuals a pathway that blends academic learning with practical on-the-job experience, giving apprentices the skills and experience needed to have a career in the ever-changing world of content creation and marketing.

Visit The Cotswolds

Visit The Cotswolds is a digital company that prides itself in promoting the timeless beauty of the Cotswolds. As a company invested in showcasing the charm of this picturesque destination, Visit The Cotswolds plays a crucial role in attracting visitors from around the globe.

My Department

At Visit The Cotswolds, I take care of most of the Digital Marketing, on platforms such as social media, our website and in our monthly newsletters. My main responsibilities are to create engaging and informative content to maintain and build the presence of the brand. The goal is to draw travellers to the Cotswolds through digital content for our clients within the accommodation and activities sector.

My Job Title, Role, and Responsibility

From managing social media accounts to creating blog posts, each day consists of creativity and strategic thinking. Under the mentorship of my line manager Maria, I’ve improved my skills and gained experience in content creation, graphic design, and digital marketing strategies.

Progress, Successes, and Hurdles

One of the early hurdles I faced was adapting to the pace of the digital world and continuingly changing and tweaking content to stay up to date. However, with time and guidance, I’ve overcome these challenges and contributed to a number of successful campaigns.

One of my notable successes was our recent Christmas campaign, which generated a large amount of engagement for us and our clients and also built relationships with potential new ones. It is very rewarding to see first-hand the impact of my content creation and how it can help the business.

Key Insights for Aspiring Apprentices

I really recommend the apprenticeship pathway to anyone considering their future employment and education. 

One top tip I would give is to embrace continuous learning and be eager to better your skills and knowledge each day: The digital world is ever-evolving, and being a content creator requires you to be able to adapt.

Building connections within and outside of your organisation is extremely important. Having good relationships can really make your job more enjoyable and easier.

Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and put your ideas forward. Whether it’s proposing a new content idea or suggesting improvements, this demonstrates your knowledge, desire to help and commitment to growth.

In the action-packed world of digital marketing, acknowledging the impact of your work and celebrating it can be very motivating.

In conclusion, my Content Creator Apprenticeship at Visit The Cotswolds has been a great way to earn money, build experience whilst also earning a qualification, blending education with practical experience. The program has given me the skills needed to start a career in digital marketing. I hope to continue to contribute at Visit The Cotswolds and continue to improve my skills and improve as a marketeer and content creator.


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