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Letting Property in the Cotswolds: A Remote Owner’s Guide


Investing in a property nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Cotswolds is undoubtedly a wise decision as a long-term financial investment. Many property owners, drawn by the charm of this idyllic region, opt to buy properties with the intention of offering them to the rental market. However, managing a long or short term let in the Cotswolds when you’re not residing in the area can be challenging. 

However, with a meticulously crafted plan, you can enjoy life as a property owner relatively hassle-free. Enter the expert team at The Cotswold Letting Agency. In this article, they share their top three recommendations for a successful Cotswold property investment:

Discover a Trustworthy Agent

It’s essential to find a reliable and knowledgeable agent to oversee your investment property. When investing in a Cotswolds rental property, it is vitally important that you conduct thorough research and gain a deep understanding of the local market. Fortunately, the team at The Cotswold Letting Agency all live and work in the heart of the Cotswolds, enabling them to provide valuable insights on how to make your property appeal to a diverse tenant audience.

Cultivate Local Contacts

Building relationships with local contractors can be invaluable. These connections come in handy when preparing your property for the rental market and are indispensable when unforeseen issues arise. At The Cotswold Letting Agency, they maintain a comprehensive network of trusted local contacts, which they readily recommend to their property owners.

Adopt a Proactive Approach

Implementing a proactive approach to property management will not only keep your tenants happy, but will also ensure you can maintain a premium rental income. Regular check-in and check-out reports, routine inspections, prompt responses to maintenance requests, and timely renewal of property certificates can save both time and money in the long run. The Cotswold Letting Agency offer a variety of management packages, structured in relation to the requirements of the owner. 

A great starting point

These top three tips are a starting point when considering letting a property in the Cotswolds. With this advice, you can take your first steps in confidently navigating the Cotswolds property market, regardless of your geographic location. And when working with The Cotswold Letting Agency for your property management needs, you will find a dedicated team of local experts focused solely on the lettings market, specialising in furnished short-lets, long-lets and private holiday lets. 

Their many years of experience in the Cotswold property market is precisely why a significant number of remote property owners turn to The Cotswold Letting Agency for their property management needs.


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