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Farming sustainably in The Cotswolds – Bennetts Farm Shop


The Cotswolds offers an abundance of fabulous farms and farm shops. The landscape really lends itself well to the production of cereals and crops, as well as rearing of meat, such as beef, pork and lamb. At this time of year, farmers are working tirelessly to rear their animals and manage the land, to continue to produce really quality products for the local area. 

One farm doing this exceptionally well is Bennetts Farm, the home of the innovative self service retail outlet Bennetts Farm Shop. This unique farm shop opened in March 2022, and has really taken off, attracting visitors from a 50 mile radius as well as those who are keen to see something different who are visiting the area. 

Bennetts Farm Shop has 5 key areas in which it’s working with, not against, the environment.

Grass fed beef

British grass fed beef is among the most sustainably produced meat in the world. The way Bennetts Farm rears their beef doesn’t require them to buy in ANY additional supplementary feeds. The cows are reared on a diverse grass based diet and owners Simon and Tara grow everything themselves, therefore they aren’t reliant on lorries transporting cow feed in.

They also manage the entire farm to fork process, so they can rear the beef from start to finish with minimal miles. It’s actually food metres, not miles! You can check out more information about the benefits of grass fed beef for you and the environment here.

The Farm

Bennetts Farm is entirely grass and legume based which is well known for absorbing carbon. As part of the Gloucestershire County Council estate, Simon and Tara are continually working towards how they can become carbon neutral. This aligns with the sustainable beef production perfectly.

The Shop

Bennetts Farm Shop has automatic lights which switch on when they sense the presence of customers. Renewable energy is also an avenue being explored to provide all of the electricity for the shop. Eco cups are available for the coffee machine and reusable, machine washable glass bottles are available for the milk vending machine.

The vast majority of the stock in store is local, really celebrating all that The Cotswolds has to offer. Local sustainable producers are celebrated and supported, even the crisp packets are 100% compostable!

Wild Flowers

Bennetts Farm has a number of wild flower plots and margins on the farm which provide important habitat and foraging sites for wild pollinators such as bees and butterflies and farmland birds such as the yellowhammer.

Winter Bird Food

The farm offers winter supplementary feeding for birds, providing them with additional food over the late winter months when the natural seeds are in short supply.

British farmers rear and produce their offerings to some of the very highest standards in the world, and many small businesses that work with and offer the produce of our great country, are working towards a similar ethos, to not only offer great quality products, but those that are sustainably produced, local and with low food miles.

Check out Bennetts Farm Shop and if do pay them a visit, you’ll find the store on Google maps or ///hires.durations.roof on what3words. 


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